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Comprehensive Dental Handpiece & Attachment Repair Services

Dairyland Handpiece is a family owned and operated business that repairs all brands of high-speed and low-speed handpieces. We have been providing fast, high quality handpiece repair to dental professionals throughout Wisconsin and the nation since 2002.

We specialize in rebuilding the turbines in your high-speed devices and bringing them up to the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications. The most common failure in high-speeds is the bearings. We remove the old bearings and install new ones on your turbine assembly. We also clean the head and cap and replace suspension O-rings.

Dairyland Handpiece is a founding member of the National Dental Handpiece Repair Association (NDHRA). This is an organization that adheres to high quality standards. We subscribe to the NDHRA Code of Ethics and offer some of the longest handpiece repair warranties available. We are factory trained and certified. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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